Saturday, February 26, 2011

Write, Write, Write

So, this whole I'm finished with my book thing is a little anticlimactic. I was offered a contract for Burn, though I haven't signed it yet. And there's nothing else going on on that front. I worked on my site, which I think is looking pretty bitching!! Love the colors. I did it all myself. It's actually not that hard with blogger and a banner program.

And since my book is the first in a series, I've begun working on the second book. I though it was going to be Quinn's story, but it seems to be metamorphing into Quinn and Hawk's story. Yeppers, I think it's going to be a menage, which is something I didn't intend. Kinda strange how the characters take you places you didn't know you were going. And I thought I was in the driver's seat. lol! WRONG!!!

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