Burn: All-American Vampires Book 1

TY BUCHANAN, vampire and Council Shield, awakens after a night partying with friends to find himself stripped to his briefs and staked out with dawn approaching. He is surrounded by vampires whom he has never seen before with no idea why they should want him dead. When they leave him alone to burn in the sun, he knows that his odds of living past this day are not good. 

LIBBY SHAW is an aspiring photographer. For her photography class, her latest assignment is to complete a series of native wildlife studies. A friend has loaned her an isolated cabin, and she hopes to get some excellent shots. Instead, she stumbles upon the horribly burned body of a man staked out in the middle of the woods. He’s alive. But barely. 

When Libby saves Ty’s life, she is unexpectedly plunged into a whole new world of paranormal creatures—vampires and werewolves and who knows what else. As Ty and Libby work to save themselves from an unknown enemy, they turn to one another and discover a passion that makes them both burn for more. The stakes get higher and higher as the lovers are drawn deeper into a world of bloodslaves and betrayal, and an old enemy from Ty’s past reappears bent on revenge.


 Thirst: All-American Vampires Book 2
JOHN "HAWK" BLACKHAWK, vampire and private detective, is asked by his good friend, Quinn Buchanan, to look into the background of a woman he has caught attempting to hack into his private computer files. Quinn and Hawk know that the only people interested in those files would be someone connected to the vampiress who turned Quinn and his brother Ty and recently attempted to kill Ty. They have to find out who this woman is and just what her connection is to the bloodslaves. Could she be a spy sent to betray the brothers? Or is she there for another purpose altogether?

CLAIRE LANDRY is desperate. Twelve months ago she and her younger sister were attacked by monsters--vampires. They turned her into one of them. She escaped, but they took her sister to sell on the market as a bloodslave. Since that night she has searched, using any and all resources she can discover, to find her sister and save her. Only so far she has found nothing. Now at last she has a real lead. She has learned that Ty and Quinn Buchanan rescued a group of bloodslaves.

Determined to find her sister at all costs, Claire will let nothing, not even her thirst for Hawk, stop her from rescuing the only family she has left.