Thursday, June 23, 2011

Eye-Opening Edits

So I'm almost finished with my final edits and I just want to say...How the hell is it that I have left out so many words, used so many wrong words, and put it so many extra words? Or used so many fragments, left out so many commas, and used so damn many elipses.  I mean...duh...I read the thing who knows how many times before I even submitted it, and it's full of this kind of stupidity. How did they even accept it for publication with so many idiotic mistakes?

The tremors continued to move over him, and she worried that was doing something wrong.

Really? I actually wrote that? And my first editor missed it? 

And I appreciate the proofreader's diplomacy when he/she asks? "Is the word she missing here?" lol!

Or this...

And other instances that he thought it better not to mention those just yet. 

WTH? Why is "those" even in this sentence?

And how about...

The printer kicked on, and in a few seconds Quinn was handing the one of the pictures to Hawk. 

And the proofreader..."Is there an extra word here?" lmao! Yes, there there is. 

Lordy, lordy. I'm learning a lot...mostly that I frequently write with all the skills of a first grader. And hell...I refuse to go back and proofread this blog entry. I'm just a putz like that!!! (Did I use that right? lol!)


  1. I find embarassing mistakes when I'm editing too. Makes me glad no one else can see my first draft! lol

  2. I finished my final edits last week, and I have to give a shout out to my proofreader, who just as with yours, was so diplomatic.

  3. Hey, Ranae. You and me both!! :)

  4. Gabrielle...diplomacy is a useful skill, but some of his/her comments cracked me up. I guess some people don't welcome helpful criticism.

  5. I suffer from that as well, Bree...seriously, no matter how many times I read and re-read I still miss some goofy slips. Thank goodness for proof-readers! hehe

  6. Yeah, my brain does those goofy slip ups, and I wonder how the heck did I miss that?

    Amen, for proofreaders.

  7. Definitely, Savanna! What would we do without them?