Friday, July 8, 2011

Dark Friday: Vampires Around the World

 According to Romanian legend, if a vampire stared at a pregnant woman, she could have a vampire child.

A characteristic only found in Bulgarian vampires is that they have only one nostril.

Bavarian vampires were said to sleep with the left eye open, with their thumbs linked, and to cause plague in cattle.

The vampire known as Upier sleeps at midnight and rises at noon. This vampire can be destroyed by burning its body, but when its body burns, it releases rats and maggots that also have to be killed.

The Bruxsa is a female vampire that lives a human life during the day.At night she is transformed by witchcraft into a vampire that is impossible to kill. She is capable of bearing children, but will usually feed on them. She can take the form of a bird, not a bat.

South East Asia:
The Danag was a good friends of humans until it got a taste of human blood. A woman cut her finger and the Danag licked the blood. It liked it so much, it sucked the woman dry.

Albanian vampires always wear high heel shoes.

The Moravian vampire always attacked in the nude.

The face of a Russian vampire is purple.


  1. So then would a vampire of Russian/Moravian/Albanian decent attack in the nude sporting a purple face and lovely high heels? I wonder if they prefer spikes or wedges? hehe

    Great info, Bree!

  2. One nostril? LOL
    Isn't it interesting how cultures all over the world have come up with versions of the same creature?

  3. @Serena...the high heels bit just cracks me up. lol! I wonder if they're Manolo's?

    @Ranae...Yes. The same can be said of fairy tales. Many cultures have the Cinderella story in some form, for example.

  4. The high heels certainly raised my eyebrows. What? Do you surveil someone to see if they only wear high heels? Vamp or Tramp... hmmmm...

  5. Sleeps at midnight and rises at noon? That's not a vampire, that's a teenager.

  6. @Savanna! Vamp or Tramp!! lmao!!

    @Pat you think that's how the legend of the vampire began? Not with Vlad Dracul but with his teenaged son? lol!