Monday, August 22, 2011

New Review from The Romance Reviews and a Vent

So I just got a new review from The Romance Reviews for Burn, and you can read the review in its entirety here. It's a very good review, overall. She gave it a 4. There was one comment, though, that caught my attention in it and that kind of annoyed me.

The characters in Ms Younger's novel are easy to relate to. They are modern, even the 250-year old vampires speak in the vernacular, so the dialogue flows well. 

It's actually not a criticism, I know, but it bothers me just because the reviewer felt the need to even mention it. The language of my vampires is actually something I thought about a great deal. I'm a Trueblood fan, and the way Bill speaks in that old-fashioned manner has always annoyed me. None of the other vampires on the show do, even the ones who are older than Bill is (like Eric).  I mean, it's not like the vampires have been in some kind of deep freeze or suspended animation for hundreds of years. They have been living and talking and surely their "vernacular" has changed with the changing times. I mean, hell, I don't speak the way I did in the eighties. Do you? (barf me out!) So why would a vampire? Okay...thanks for letting me vent. lol!


  1. LOL I imagine that vampire's speech would change with the times - especially if they want to blend in!