Friday, July 29, 2011

Dark Friday: Origin of the name Vampire

Many scholars argue the word “vampire” is either from the Hungarian vampir or from the Turkish upior, upper, upyr meaning “witch.” Other scholars argue the term derived from the Greek word “to drink” or from the Greek nosophoros meaning “plague carrier.” It may also derive from the Serbian Bamiiup or the Serbo-Crotian pirati. There are many terms for “vampire” found across cultures, suggesting that vampires are embedded in human consciousness.


  1. Interesting! I've heard the term upyr before, but never Bamiiup. Bamiiup sounds a little to nice for a vampire. ;)

  2. It is amazing how universal the vampire, or vampire like beings are across the world cultures.

  3. @Serena...pirati made me think of pirate. Vampire pirates. lol!

    @Savanna...part of the collective unconscious. Definitely interesting.