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Sizzling Hot Book Reviews gives Burn 4 Hearts

Sizzling Hot Book Reviews

Burn is the first book in the All-American Vampires series and Bree Younger has set the bar high. Libby is out searching for some good nature spots to take pictures for a photography class when she stumbles across a strange man staked out in the sun and slowly burning. Incoherent, dazed and very confused, Ty is sure he is going to die.
Ty Buchanan, vampire and Council Shield, awakens after a night of partying with friends to find himself stripped and staked out. With dawn approaching, he knows his odds of surviving are not good.
Libby Shaw is a photography student whose latest assignment is to complete a series of wildlife studies. A friend has loaned her an isolated cabin, and she hopes to get some excellent shots. Instead, she stumbles upon the horribly burned body of a man. He’s alive. But barely.
When Libby saves Ty, she is plunged into a paranormal world she never knew existed. As Ty and Libby work to save themselves from an unknown enemy, they turn to one another and discover a passion that makes them both burn. The stakes get higher as the lovers are drawn into a world of bloodslaves, betrayal, and an enemy from Ty’s past reappears, bent on revenge.
Once Libby rescues Ty, she has to come to grips with the existence of vampires and werewolves very quickly. Understandably, she has a million questions that she needs answered. But, belief comes easy for Libby since they are on the run from some very evil vampires and she sees what they can do first hand.

Neither Ty nor Libby is looking for any kind of relationship. Yet, they are undeniably attracted to each other. The passion between the two is intense even as they try to deny it. Both Ty and Libby are strong and independent which causes a few moments of push and shove between them. They are both very realistic and, along with strong supporting characters, make the reader become involved with them.

Burn takes the ummm sparkle out of vampires and puts them back to being hot, in control men without the fluff. This generation of vampires doesn’t have telepathy, aren’t affected by holy relics, can see themselves in mirrors and much more. These vampires are alpha men with some paranormal abilities but not so many you get bogged down trying to remember who can do what.

Burn is a great story that has me itching to sink my teeth into the next one. Bree Younger’s style and investment with her characters has made me a quick fan. Burn moves very quickly and pulls the reader in from the first page; I finished the novel in about 2 hours! Burn is a fantastic story for anyone looking for a good paranormal, erotic, action filled romance.

Reviewer: Marissa Dobson

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