Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ten things I hate in a romance novel...

1. Unpronounceable names. Ugh!! This is especially prevalent in the sci-fi or fantasy genres.
2. When the H/h could clear up a misunderstanding with a simple conversation, but they don't.
3. 1st person point of view. Okay, there have been a few that I've read and enjoyed, but for the most part, I won't even purchase it if it's in first person.
4. Too many changes in point of view. I like to know the H/h points of view and occasionally one more like the villain or someone trying to help the h/h, but that's about it.
5. Too much sex. (Don't get me wrong, I'm all about the sex, but I need for there to be a story, too.)
6. Not enough sex. (Don't get me wrong, I'm all about the story, but I need for there to be sex, too.)
7. Characters without flaws. I like to see some weakness, vulnerability, etc., in the H/h. Makes them human.
8. Unrealistic male recovery time. Really? You've been with men that get hard-on after hard-on with no break in between?
9. Make your heroine a deepthroat expert.
10. H/h who always assume the worst about the person they love. (He sees her with another man and assumes she's screwing around on him.)


  1. #1 and #2 definitely, along with either a stupid childish heroine or hero, or both -- who seem to be too emotionally young to be engaging in sex or even attempting a meaningful relationship/mating.

    And, honestly, while I adore sex/passion/lust/eroticism/romance and love, I can't abide the stuff that borders on what I consider to be porno. Just me.

    Okay, that's only 'one' reason I write the futuristic, fantasy, paranormal subgenres, and some of my heroines and heroes are super-powered... yay! for unrealistic recovery time.

    And, really, humans are more super-powered than they realize at this point in time.

    Changes in POV don't bother me at all, unless it's not clear. For now, I've given up writing that way, however.

    I don't really care about character flaws. Most everyone is naturally vulnerable about something, has had ugliness in their lives, etc. -- that's what I'd rather focus on.

    And NONE of my heroines are deepthroat experts. There's enough heroines out there now, if that's what a reader prefers.

  2. Oh, I know just what you mean about the porno. It's not even that arousing, to me.

  3. #2 & #4 are definately too things I don't enjoy. I mean, misunderstandings happen, but I've read some stories where it gets to the point of silliness, almost as if the characters are avoiding a virtually inevitable conversation. And too much head-hopping can get really confusing, especially if the different povs aren't clearly differenctiated.

  4. Bree, yeah, it just becomes boring for me.

  5. Gads...especially when it is a simple misunderstanding! I almost don't want to finish books like that!

    LOL...Too much sex & not enough sex...there is definitely a happy medium there and it is not always easy to reach. ;)

  6. @Ranae...I read a book the other day that had five points of view. I could hardly keep up with what was going on.

  7. @Serena...Happy medium is exactly right. Too much is like porn not enough is unrealistic.