Friday, October 28, 2011

Dark Friday: Gloglave

According to some legends, a vampire may engage in sex with his former wife, which often led to pregnancy. In fact, this belief may have provided a convenient explanation as to why a widow, who was supposed to be celibate, became pregnant. The resulting child was called a gloglave (pl. glog) in Bulgarian or vampirdzii in Turkish. Rather than being ostracized, the child was considered a hero who had powers to slay a vampire.


  1. ...HUH. *cocks head* that...explains so much...

  2. LOL...if you're going to need an excuse for not being celibate, I guess that's as good and any. Not sure I'd want to be known as a gloglave though, slayer is better. ;)

  3. Oh, the things you learn about those Vampires. I have to agree with Serena. Slayer is much better!